Markers & Monuments

NOTICE: The Monuments & Markers database is no longer working. We have been working on a solution for the past year and hope that it can get up and running by May 2019. The delays have been out of our control.

We know this information is important. If you have a specific request please contact Jedediah Rogers, 801-245-7209.

The current Markers and Monuments database has not been updated in many years. We are currently working on a new platform with updated information. We hope for it be available and live by the end of 2018.

What's the difference between a marker and a monument?

In this database, a marker contains the text. It may be a bronze, aluminum, or wooden plaque.

The monument holds the marker. In most cases, the monument is a freestanding structure made of wood, stone, or brick, but sometimes the marker is attached to a structure, such as a building or bridge. Those structures then become the monument.

Sometimes the marker is inscribed directly on the monument; then the marker and the monument are the same.

Markers & Monuments Database

For more information contact Jedediah Rogers, 801-245-7209