SINCE 1897

The Utah Historical Society, founded in 1897, encourages the research, study, and publication of Utah history. From its modest beginnings, the Utah Historical Society has grown to several thousand members, developed a research collection of over a million items, published over 300 issues of the Utah Historical Quarterly, led the historic preservation movement in Utah for nearly fifty years, created energetic antiquities and museums programs, and much more.


Strengthen Utah’s economic health, particularly in rural areas. Make communities better places, where people feel at home and grounded in heritage. Foster individual learning, understanding, and excitement about their heritage. Provide tools and assistance to agencies and local governments to help them do their jobs more efficiently. Preserve knowledge and resources for future generations. State History provides all services and information as a non-regulatory, business-friendly agency.


The Utah Historical Society is made up of six core initiatives, helping to tell the story of the history of the state. 


Meet our team of experts who help ensure the practice of history is valued and reliable, steeped in credible, evidence based research. 


Engage with our initiatives online, at in-person community history events, through our History Ambassador program, internships, and more. 

 “One of the beautiful things we can do for future generations is excavate the stories of the past.”
Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson



We are thrilled to announce the release of our 2023-2027 Strategic Plan. Since April 2022, the History team has worked hard on developing a plan that feels representative of the work we are doing now and into the next five years of our organization’s development. We spoke to audiences long steeped in our organization’s history, from scholars and k-12 audiences to new to us audiences and the general public.

We hosted 32 Community Listening Sessions, 10 focus groups, and received 1,077 survey responses from all 29 counties across the state. We are committed to being data-driven in our decision making and plan to use the Strategic Plan as our guiding light moving forward.  We hope you enjoy digging into our Strategic Priorities and join us on our journey in becoming your Utah Historical Society.

2023-2027 Strategic Plan



We are thrilled to reveal the Utah Historical Society’s (formerly Utah Division of State History) new brand identity. This new design fulfills our strategic goals of providing a new visual direction for the Utah Historical Society — honoring our organizational past while looking ahead to our bright future. Throughout these changes, our mission remains the same: to foster curiosity about the past, inform the present, and strengthen our shared future.


The Utah Historical Society collects materials related to the history of Utah, assists communities, agencies, building owners, and consultants with state and federal processes regarding archaeological and historical resources, administers the ancient human remains program, makes historical resources available in a specialized research library, offers extensive online resources and grants, and assists in public policy and the promotion of Utah's rich history.