History Ambassador

The History Ambassador program is designed to be a cohorted experience geared towards current university and college students, or those transitioning careers. The Ambassador program is a year-long program for accepted applicants to become more familiar with the Utah Historical Society while working on a program-specific project. Projects will vary year-to-year depending on staff availability to be a mentor to an Ambassador and provide a specific project that can be completed within the year’s time. 

The goal of the Ambassador program is to provide paid, in-depth experience for accepted applicants on both the project and organizational levels. This provides an opportunity for participants to get to know our organization deeply and explore potential interests over the course of a year.

  • A one year commitment
  • Paid, hourly opportunity ($15/hour)
  • Weekly hours dependent on, and flexible with, participants’ schedule (no more than 12 hours per week)
  • Requirements from Ambassador include: quarterly blog post, end-of-year project presentation, and more depending on project scope 

Applications are currently closed for 2023. Information will be made available on our website, newsletter and social media channels as opportunities become available in the future. Sign up for our newsletter HERE.