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Rediscovering the Tuscan

April 8 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

The Tuscan Order is the default classical order. Contrary to the way Classical Architecture is often taught, the Tuscan Order should not be seen as a dumbed down version of the Doric, but rather the Tuscan should be understood as the most ubiquitous of the five, The One that reveals the essence of them all.

Michael Djordjevitch received his Masters of Architecture from Princeton University and was a Fellow for the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. He worked as an architect on the Agora Excavations before continuing on to teach at the University of Notre Dame. He now teaches at the Beaux-Arts Academy in Utah.

AIA Objectives:
-A history of the emergence of the Tuscan as a distinct category.
-An introduction to the several Textbook versions of the Order, and why there isn’t a best among them.
-Discovering how the Tuscan was once taught.
-An elucidation of the nature of the Orders through a study of the unique characteristics of the Tuscan.