Celebrate Women’s History Month In Utah

Women’s history matters all the time, but this March we’re highlighting the women who shape the Beehive State! We’re so excited to kick off a month full of history and activities with Women’s History Month Bingo.

Use the card below to celebrate Utah women. This Bingo card has something for everyone, like reading a book, writing your representatives, links to UHS-sponsored events, and more! The best part? When you get five in a row and fill out this form, we’ll mail you a prize! Plus, one randomly-selected winner will receive a gift box with books, swag, and surprises. Click here for a downloadable PDF.

24 Ways To Celebrate Women’s History In March!

Attend a Utah Historical Society event
This March, we have seven events happening across the state, including: craft nights, a film screening, and a community scan-and-share. Check out our calendar at the link or below, we’d love to see you there!

Participate in a community service project
Utah is great because of all the amazing women who have worked closely with their communities to serve and help others! It’s no wonder Utah is the leading state in volunteerism.  Show us how you give back and help others in your community! If you need ideas, check out UServeUtah for more information or to take the Community Engagements Pathways survey.

Watch a movie directed by a woman
This Woman’s History Month, treat yourself to popcorn and a movie night! If you need some help to see what’s available, you can check this list of films directed by women.

Listen to an episode of the ‘What’s Her Name’ podcast
The Utah Women’s History Initiative is proud to sponsor the What’s Her Name podcast. The sister duo Olivia Meikle and Katie Nelson share stories about fascinating women in history you’ve never heard of (but should have). All of their episodes are great, but we especially love their episodes on Utah women, like The Gung-Ho Original, The Suffragist Senator or The Storyteller.

Visit history.utah.gov/women
Did you know we updated our website? Learn about all the Women’s History Initiative happenings.

Make a purchase from a woman-owned business
Another way you can celebrate Utah women is by supporting women-owned businesses! For more information on investing in Utah women, check out the Women’s Business Center of Utah. To find a woman-owned business for your specific needs, check out this helpful directory!

Take a walk or hike with a female friend
Any walk or hike counts! We especially like Memory Grove/City Creek this time of year. Learn more about how women started it here.

Write to one of your representatives
Civic engagement is an integral part of Utah women’s history. You can make a difference too by contacting your representatives!

Learn about a Utah suffragist at utahwomenshistory.org
The women’s suffrage movement played an integral role in both Utah and national history. Learn more here.

Listen to a female musician
What better way to celebrate women than by listening to them? Check out our Women’s History Month playlist!

Learn about a woman in your family tree
One reason why Women’s History Month is significant is because it is an opportunity for us to remember and celebrate a group of people who are often forgotten in history books. By remembering women in your family tree, you are making sure women aren’t forgotten in our historical narrative. Learn more about a woman in your family tree by searching for records, looking through old photos, and talking to your relatives. Search for family members in Utah cemeteries here.

Read a book to a young girl
In the words of Utah Suffragist Emmeline B. Wells: “I believe in women, especially thinking women.” We agree, and what better way than to read to the young girls in your life! Check out this reading list for book suggestions, or visit your local library.

Do a woman-themed art or craft project
Women are crafty, creative, and artistic. Indulge in an art or craft project this month. If you need some inspiration, check out the Utah Division of Arts & Museums.

Read a book by a female author
Supporting female authors is a great, cozy way to celebrate Women’s History Month. Visit your local library and ask your librarian for recommendations!

Eat a “girl dinner”
“Girl dinner” was a 2023 cultural moment for a reason. Enjoy your evening with a simple, yummy dinner! Chicken nuggets, cheese slices, and olives? Sounds great. Mac and cheese plus apple slices? Wonderful. Grapes, cottage cheese, and leftovers? Perfect. Whatever fills and nourishes you! 

Go to a museum or cultural site and learn about a historical woman
Take a trip to your local museum! If you want to see what’s available around you, check out this directory.

Send a thank you note to a woman you admire
A short note of appreciation can go a long way. You can send your note of thanks via snail mail, post-it, text, email, phone call, you name it!

Interview a woman in your life
Be an oral historian for a day and interview a woman in your life. It can be a friend, relative, or neighbor. There are interview questionnaires available online and you can use your smartphone’s recording app to help preserve someone’s story! Learn more about oral history techniques at an upcoming training from the Utah Historical Society.

Do something to celebrate a woman you know
Do you have a friend who recently finished school? Or is training for a marathon? Or maybe they completed a creative project? If you look around, women are always accomplishing significant feats both big and small. We invite you to find a way to recognize their efforts and achievements, whether that’s treating them to coffee or getting together for a movie night.

Preserve your own history
Your story matters! There are many unique ways you can preserve history, like journaling about your life and memories, collecting photos, or digitizing your mementos. Or stop by our Women’s History Month Scan-and-Share at the Glendale Library in SLC on March 26 to add your stories to the Historical Society’s digital collections.

Take a selfie with a female friend
Part of history is documenting it. Snap a picture with one of your female friends. Post it and tag @uthistoricalsociety on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to be featured! 

Watch a documentary about a historic woman
It’s great to read books about women, but when you don’t have time, watch a documentary about one! 

Learn about a female athlete
Women are strong, skilled, and good at sports! So learn about a woman athlete this month! For example, have you ever heard about the Utah Shamrocks?

Post on social media using #utahwomenshistorymonth
Share your Women’s History Month celebrations with us on social media by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram. We’d love to hear from you!