UHS Launches Youth Advisory Council

Join the Youth Advisory Council for its inaugural year! The Utah Historical Society is looking to gather feedback from Utah’s Gen Z community in an effort to ensure our organization’s content and outreach efforts resonate with future leaders. The Youth Advisory Council will serve as an advisory body to UHS, representing matriculating college students ages 18 to 23, and function as a big-picture sounding board for our team.

The Youth Advisory Council will have the opportunity to serve as consultants in the following areas:

  •  Utah Civic Season 2024
  • Overall social media and marketing strategies
  • Educational and programmatic efforts for the forthcoming Museum of Utah, coming to the Utah Capitol Complex in early 2026.

Why do we want a Youth Advisory Council and why should you apply? 

Staff and leadership at UHS understand our organization has historically been disconnected with up-and-coming generations, particularly young people who are not pursuing college degrees, or not working in history and related fields. Recent UHS membership surveys illustrate more than 70 percent of our member base is 65 years or older and, anecdotally, programming offered by UHS has historically served older populations. Furthermore, recent national studies have also shown 57 percent of Gen Z respondents are dissatisfied with American democracy and 33 percent of this demographic are not planning on participating civically in 2024. This offers an opportunity for our organization to explore what it means to be accessible and inviting to all, and to engage thoughtful participation in understanding not just our collective history in Utah, but how to be a community driven and engaged citizen.

By applying to become a Youth Advisory Council member, you are investing your time and energy into a professional development opportunity with long-lasting impact. As a Youth Advisory Council member, you’ll have the chance to be behind the scenes, responding to staff ideas and providing feedback as a generational expert to a state agency in transition. This resume builder will connect you to state and local leaders in the cultural sector. 

The Small Print: 

This is an excellent opportunity for current, busy college students who want additional professional experience but do not have a lot of time. The commitment is approximately 60-65 hours spread out over ten months — and best of all, it’s a paid experience! 

Council Tasks and Expectations: 

  • Advise on Utah Civic Season 2024:
    • May-July 2024: Co-design the development of language, marketing collateral, and relevant content leading up to and during Civic Season, an effort to deepen participation of Gen Z in democratic processes 
    • Serve as “generational experts” for participating partner groups  
    • Share and promote Utah Civic Season content via your own channels and networks
  • Attend one in person kick-off meeting at our offices in Salt Lake City on May 6, 2024 .
  • Serve on monthly virtual focus group meetings to respond to and help co-design elements of UHS programming and educational efforts including, but not limited to:
    • UHS college campus outreach
    • Museum of Utah programming 
    • Membership opportunities 
    • Utah250 Commission efforts and opportunities
    • And more! 
  • Virtually attend UHS quarterly board meetings, with opportunities to get connected to board members and help impact the state’s public history organization at a deeper, organizational level. 
  • Serve as social media and online ambassadors for the Utah Historical Society, sharing content and perspectives to your peers. 

Qualifications and Geographical Scope:

  • This is a volunteer, stipend opportunity at $900/student. 
  • Council members will be selected to represent all areas of the state and from any type of public or private institution. 
  • Students do not need to be in a history or related program; we encourage students from all areas of study and professional interests to participate. We are looking for generational experts – that means you!

Curious? Ready to apply? Check out the application here, which includes additional information on virtual meeting dates and more. Applications are due March 22, 2024.