The Utah Historical Quarterly: Over 90 Years of Amazing Research

By Lisa Buckmiller, Program Support Specialist

What do Sanpete Oolite Limestone, Taylor A. Woolley, Hollywood, World War I, and a skeleton in grandpa’s barn all have in common? All of these subjects and more have been covered in articles in the Utah Historical Quarterly.

The Utah State Historical Society was founded on July 22, 1897 and at that time Governor Heber M. Wells urged the new organization to write a “true history of the state.” Though it would take another 33 years, the Utah Historical Quarterly began publication in 1928 with its first editor, J. Cecil Alter.

A World War I monument in Nephi, Utah.

Since that time the Utah Historical Quarterly has been covering 90 plus years of the vast and diverse topics of Utah history. The only lapse in publication has been during the years of 1934-1938 due to the downturn in the economy.  

Not only is there rich historical content included in the articles, but many photos relating to the subject matter are included. Many of these photos come from the Utah State Historical Society collections.

Through membership in the Utah State Historical Society, you can receive four quarterly issues of the Utah Historical Quarterly. Please contact me when you’d like to join the Society – [email protected]

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