Statement on Socially Conscious Cataloging and Archival Descriptions

The Utah Division of State History is conducting a review of the descriptions and terminology of our archives and catalog. We are working to update biased, outdated, and/or problematic descriptions and headings of works within the collections to better represent the diverse peoples of Utah. The review includes content used to describe a work, rather than features inherent to the specific work or its context. Professional terminology such as Library of Congress Subject Headings and Name Authorities can be slow to change, yet are integral to our alignment with national and international standards and findability. When such are not yet updated, local subject headings may be added to better represent current inclusive and respectful language.

Internal decision making may be subjective thereby biased and limiting in its own right. We invite patron participation to increase the lens, and request that if you see language or interpretation that you find questionable and/or offensive, or that may need to be expanded upon, to please submit the instance(s) and proposed corrections for internal review and consideration.

We thank you for your participation, patience, and understanding as we undertake this important project.

Michele Elnicky
Librarian / Historical Collections Specialist
Utah Division of State History