Stewardship Updates December 2021

We gave out some fun awards in recognition of the fantastic first year of our program.

  • Lucky Horseshoe Award – Tim Gittins 
    During one of his site visits, Tim popped not one, but two tires along the transcontinental railroad grade. Tim seems to need some luck on his next trip.
  • Busy Bee Award – Fred Nash
    Most hours spent stewarding (35.25 hours) 
  • Should Work for National Geographic Award – Kevin Wellard
    For his use of drones and his stunning photography of cultural sites across Utah.
  • Backroads of Utah Award – Pat Sullivan
    Most miles driven while stewarding (884 miles).
  • Youth Award – Dacia and Rowan Jackson
    This award is to our youngest steward and encouraging the younger generation. We are always looking for ways to involve the youth, and we are so excited to have Rowan and his mother as part of the UCSS Team
  • Naturalist Award – Denise Hickman
    For her engaging and almost poetic comments:
    “Some new grasses and wildlife returning to the area following the Knoll Fire in July last year. Spider webs, mayflies, a lizard, bees, and birds seen. The entire area is extremely dry from drought conditions.”
  • Top Model of the Year Award – George Towle
    Best photograph of a steward posing like a boss at a site. 
  • Animal Encounters Award – Marie Cloutier
    Marie shared a great rattlesnake encounter while stewarding. A great tale for the trail!


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