UHS Staff Favorites From Our Collection

Utah’s history comes to life in our collection through a vast array of treasures. At the core of our mission to foster curiosity about the past, inform the present, and strengthen our shared future is our permanent collection of historical materials. We asked some of our Utah Historical Society staff members to pick their favorite item from our collection. See their answers below and learn more about our collection at history.utah.gov/library-collections.

Photo – G.A.R. Parade

Photo – G.A.R. Parade #23930, taken by William or Harry Shipler, Classified Photo Collection.

“The Grand Army of the Republic’s 1909 National Encampment in Salt Lake City was a significant event in Utah’s early statehood years and the Shiplers were there to capture it.”

— Doug Misner, Library and Collections Manager

Oil painting – Untitled

Oil painting – Untitled (desert pumping station) by Werner Ruemmele, 1987, Artifact collection.

“I enjoy this painting on two levels. First, the Great Salt Lake is a large part of Utah’s collective conscience for many reasons. I find this painting interesting because it documents a specific time in Utah’s resource management. Second, the artist’s style is compelling in its desire to capture a moment, using an expressionistic application of paint that energizes the landscape scene.”

— Sabrina Sanders, Artifact Collection Manager


Quilt, H2022-003-001, Made by Ada Stahl, Artifact Collection.

“Following the crazy quilt tradition of embroidery embellishments and fancy fabrics, this late 19th-century quilt is full of whimsical details to delight the viewer.”

— Nicole Sandberg, Registrar

Report of the Horn Silver Mining Co. of Frisco, Utah

Report of the Horn Silver Mining Co. of Frisco, Utah. Year ending December 31, 1883. PAM 1428, Pamphlet Collection.

“This manager’s 1883 year-end report to the Horn Silver Mining Company’s stockholders captures a moment in Utah’s early industrial development. I just find it fascinating.”

— Michele Elnicky, Librarian

Instructional Chart

Instructional Chart, 1983-003-021, Ellis R. Shipp, Anatomical Chart, MSS B 4 The Ellis Reynolds Shipp Papers.

“This anatomical chart dating back to the 1880s belonged to Ellis Reynolds Shipp, one of Utah’s first female doctors and a pioneer medical professional in the state. I am drawn to this anatomical chart because it is unique and one of a kind. The size and delicacy makes digitizing it a challenge, but well worth the end result.”

— Michelle Gollehon, Digital Content Specialist

Photograph album of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) San Juan River Expedition of 1921

Photograph album of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) San Juan River Expedition of 1921, POUR24_0003_003_95.jpg, H. D. Miser, Peoples of Utah Revisited.

“This is one of 104 photographs taken for a geological survey by H.D. Miser in 1921. I like that descriptions of the different rock formations are included with a photo of a well-known Utah landmark, Rainbow Bridge.”

— Amy Green Larsen, Metadata Coordinator

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