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Do you learn best with videos? Want to know more about Utah’s prehistory? Maybe the Transcontinental Railroad? We’ve got you covered! Simply click the image for each video to watch.

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Historic Utah

The Transcontinental Railroad



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The Archaeology of Range Creek Canyon

Range Creek Canyon is located in the West Tavaputs Plateau in east central Utah. Over 500 archaeological sites have been recorded in Range Creek Canyon. The sites date primarily to the Fremont occupation of the canyon, about 1,000 years ago. Archaeological sites include open residential, rock shelters, artifact scatters, rock art, and food storage sites.

Prearchaic Mobility Patterns

Ever wonder how archaeologists know how people were moving across the country thousands of years ago? The answer is written in the stones they used – obsidian specifically! Savanna can explain it better.

What is Fremont? Part 1 and Part 2

If you’ve been hiking in Utah’s canyons, deserts, and mountains you’ve likely come across evidence of the prehistoric people who came before us: the Fremont. Who were these people? How do we know about them? What was life like in this same place, cast a thousand years into the past? Elizabeth Hora will use archaeological evidence to reconstruct what the past might have been like for the Fremont people.

Borderlands: Collision and Coalescence in the Culture History of SE Utah

R.E. Burrillo, author of “Behind the Bears Ears; Exploring the Cultural and Natural Histories of a Sacred Landscape”, introduces us to the Borderlands phenomenon in South East Utah from the Paleoindian time period up to today.

Historic Utah

Who’s Guarding the Guardhouse?

Between 1862 and 1885, the Fort Douglas guardhouse was situated on the western end of the parade ground, now named Stilwell Field. Used as the post jail, this sandstone and adobe building went through periods of alteration based on the famously bad conditions found within the walls. In 2019, archaeologists used ground penetrating radar and have potentially discovered an intact foundation from this guardhouse lying just underneath the grass of Stilwell Field.

The Jarvie Ranch Series

From outlaws to ranching, to geology, learn more about the John Jarvie Historic Ranch.

The Archaeology of Saltair

Tessie Burningham brings some incredible historic photos and artifact analysis to the party as she discusses the history of Saltair, a lakeside resort so nice it burned down twice.

Utah’s Prison Dump Archaeology

A lot of archaeology is digging through people’s old trash, and Whitney Seal has found a singularly fascinating trash dump to play in! She’s using the artifacts found in a trash dump from one of Utah’s historical correctional facilities to tell the story of Utah’s convicts and their prisons.

Japanese Experience in the West as Told Through Artifacts

Renae Campbell, Research Associate at the Asian American Comparative Collection and a PhD student at the University of Idaho, presents her research into the lives of historical Japanese immigrants, Issei, in the western United States. From three different archaeological sites, she explains how the artifacts she found tell stories of Japanese resilience, connection, and endurance in a new land.

The Transcontinental Railroad

Chinese Rail Workers in Utah

Our State Historic Preservation Officer, Chris Merritt, kicks off our video series with his dissertation research into the late nineteenth century Chinese diaspora and the social lives of the people who landed on U.S. shores. This is a two part presentation.

Utah History Documentaries

Join Dr. Chris Merritt (State Historic Preservation Officer) as he introduces us to the Transcontinental Railroad and how it is a part of Utah’s history.


Utah’s Architectural History Series

Explore Utah’s historical architecture through this video series that goes through Dugouts, Double and Single Cell Houses, and Hall Parlor houses.

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