Top 5 Reasons to Attend the 69th Annual USHS Conference

Looking for a reason to spend some time with us at our annual history conference? Here are our top 5:

5. Free, virtual, and lives online. Despite Zoom fatigue, we recognize the benefits of online programming. We can reach folks outside the Salt Lake City area, and our content is available on YouTube when people want to access it.

4. Deirdre Cooper Owens. A nationally recognized historian and expert on the history of race and medicine, Dr. Owens will deliver a keynote address on how racial beliefs continue to affect reproductive medical practices.

3. The latest in historical research and thinking. Sessions and panels promise to expand our knowledge and understanding. Hear knowledgeable presenters from diverse fields talk about their latest research and current thinking on a range of subjects, most pertaining to health and medicine but also other aspects of Utah history.

2. Historical perspective on a pandemic. The deadly Coronavirus pandemic has inescapably altered our individual lives and the social fabric that binds all of us together. Our conference theme invites us to step back and reflect on our collective experience through the pandemic (which is ongoing) and the history and role of public health in our communities. A distinguished plenary panel on Tuesday morning will lay a foundation for the rest of the conference by looking at the history and challenges of human wellness in Utah and the West.

1. Accessible, not ostentatious. We want to mingle and get to know you. Although our program is virtual this year, we still yearn to find ways to connect as a community. This is our attempt to bring together scholars, students, teachers, policymakers, and the public together in a friendly, stress-free environment. We only hope that next year we can do so in person!