Friends of Cedar Mesa

International Archaeology Day – Monticello Site Rehabilitation – Friends of Cedar Mesa

Amy Barry

Join the Bureau of Land Management Monticello Field Office and Friends of Cedar Mesa on International Archaeology Day to rehabilitate a modern recreation site! Help dismantle and relocate modern fire rings to a culturally sterile area. Though the stone for the fire rings is likely from the original site, this …

Rocky Mountain Anthropological Conference


The Rocky Mountain Anthropological Conference creates an informal setting for researchers to gather biennially and where participants could discuss common problems and issues, compare data, and share information and insights about this vast, varied, and fascinating region. This year’s meeting will be three days of papers, posters, and symposia on …

Utah State History Conference Tour: South Temple Street: 170 Years of Change


South Temple Street is arguably the architecturally most significant street in Utah because it offers architectural styles from almost every period of Utah history. On this tour, we’ll examine those styles by looking at various “case studies.” We’ll discuss why styles changed and what each one tells us about its …