Stewardship Updates May 2021

Site Stewardship Coordinator Ian Wright updates us on all the cool things going on with Stewardship as of May 2021


  • We recently completed two trainings, one for new stewards and an update for returning stewards.
  • We have been working with land managers to get new stewards set up on sites. If you have not heard from Ian yet, you will soon. 
  • We have had great feedback on Survey123 and have been able to improve the user experience. 
  • For veteran stewards working in Grand and San Juan counties, please continue using ArchMonitor to steward your sites. Your local Regional Coordinators, Land Managers, and the SHPO team have been discussing appropriate next steps and we will be sure to keep you in the loop.
  • The manual draft is up on the stewardship resources page and will be finalized shortly.
  • We have several trainings coming up. One is with the BLM office out of the Grand Staircase and another with the BLM and Dinosaur National Monument in Vernal. 
  • May is Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month and there will be many opportunities for everyone to be involved.