FY23 Budget Requests for the Division of State History

By Jennifer Ortiz, Director

As we start this new year, we are grateful for our funding requests included in Governor Cox’s Fiscal Year 2023 budget. If successful, these requests will provide meaningful new opportunities for State History as we serve the people of Utah.

We want to make you aware of five funding requests:

1. One-time funding of $110,000 to support Utah’s National History Day program;

2. On-going funding of $40,000 to help cover the costs to insure  the State of Utah’s History Collection; 

3. One-time funding of $350,000 to support the Peoples of Utah, Revisited initiative;

4. One-time funding of $45,000 to support Cemetery Grants into rural communities; and

5. One-time funding of $250,000 to support America250 and Utah250 statewide planning. 

Because these items are in the governor’s budget, as an agency we can encourage their support. As you know, the governor’s budget has to be approved by the legislature, which is in session now. 

If you are represented by, or personally know, any of the legislators on the Business, Economic Development, and Labor Appropriations Subcommittee (BEDL), that is where we are focusing our most immediate efforts:

Sen. Michael K. McKell, Senate Chair – mmckell@le.utah.gov

Rep. Christine F. Watkins, House Chair – christinewatkins@le.utah.gov

Rep. Jordan D. Teuscher, House Vice Chair – jteuscher@le.utah.gov

Sen. Curtis Bramble – curt@cbramble.com

Sen. Gene Davis – gdavis@le.utah.gov

Sen. Don L. Ipson – dipson@le.utah.gov

Sen. Derek L. Kitchen – dkitchen@le.utah.gov

Sen. Scott D. Sandall – ssandall@le.utah.gov

Sen. Evan J. Vickers – evickers@le.utah.gov

Rep. Steven J. Lund – slund@le.utah.gov

Rep. Ashlee Matthews – amatthews@le.utah.gov

Rep. Val L. Peterson – vpeterson@le.utah.gov

Rep. Adam Robertson – adamrobertson@le.utah.gov

Rep. Mike Schultz – mikeschultz@le.utah.gov

Rep. Travis M. Seegmller – tseegmiller@le.utah.gov

Rep. Elizabeth Weight – elizabethweight@le.utah.gov

Rep. Mike Winder – mikewinder@le.utah.gov

Please consider contacting them within the next couple of weeks with the following messages:

  • Let them know you are their constituent (if they don’t know you personally).
  • Ask them to support the Utah Division of State History’s budget requests, which support history practitioners across Utah. 
  • Thank them for their service to Utah.

If you have any questions, please contact me at jenniferortiz@utah.gov or Kevin Fayles at kfayles@utah.gov.

We know that preserving and sharing Utah’s history is important. With your support, we can serve the people of Utah even more effectively and are thrilled to see these items included in the Governor’s budget.