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Poetry of Place

March 25 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Theories about beauty – it’s attributes and golden proportions – often seem different from what our hearts know, which is a more complex mix of attractions filled with flaws and contradictions. In architectural practice we wrestle with a tension between authenticity and correctness, between emotional connection and rigid doctrine, and between myth and reality, in order to tell a beautiful story. This is the poetry of place.

Bobby McApline has been designing homes since he was a young child. He believes home is a timeless, graceful, and emotionally evocative place. He founded his firm 1983 and has built beloved, traditional homes all across the country. Bobby has also written three books and has his own furniture line.

AIA Objectives:
-Understand the tension between rules and invention in design
-Learn how to emulate and adapt historic architecture with authenticity
-Explore the narrative qualities of architecture – how design is like telling a complex story
-Understand how modern building technology can be used to create timeless beauty