In response to the recent earthquake in the Salt Lake County area, the Utah State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is working to help assess and document any damage caused to historic properties and work with partners and property owners to address the situation. 

Right now the best place to find information on potential resources for your home or businesses' recovery is with your local municipality and Salt Lake County. For instance, Salt Lake City has requested all property owners with damage fill out a survey, found here.  Salt Lake County has requested people fill out their Damage Assessment Survey by April 22, 2020.

The Utah SHPO has been working for years to assist homeowners with the seismic retrofit and repair of their historic buildings. A few available existing resources include the Bracing for the Big One brochure, our Federal and State Historic Tax Credit programs, the Salt Lake City Fix the Bricks program that ended a few years ago, grants provided to communities through our Certified Local Government program, and the professional technical assistance of our Historical Architect. 

Get basic information on the two available historic tax credit programs. If you think you might qualify for either program please submit an initial inquiry form.