Historic preservation of  gravestones adheres to the best practices and conservation standards of "do no harm" first and foremost.

The following documents are provided as resources for cemeteries and individuals who wish to preserve and conserve gravestones properly.

Many techniques found on the internet do not provide accurate or correct methods in which to preserve and conserve our historic gravestones or cemeteries. In fact, a lot of what you will find causes more harm.

Cleaning Headstones

Interested in cleaning historic headstones properly? This trifold pamphlet will help give you the basics for cleaning headstones.
Utah Gravestone Preservation Guide

In this guide you will find detailed instructions on proper cleaning and repair work.  This guide also provides a list of supplies and vendors you will use for cleaning and repair work.
Reading Headstones

Here is a quick reference to help read old & faded headstones without causing damage.

Caring for Historic Cemeteries

The first step in all preservation efforts is documentation. The following are forms you can use or reference for survey work. All forms are provided by the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT).

Preservation Briefs - Preserving Grave markers in Historic Cemeteries 2016

Conditions Survey

Conditions Survey Definitions

Mapping is essential in cemetery preservation. There are many free mapping websites you can find. We make no recommendations on any particular program.

NCPTT Basics for Cemetery Documentation (video)

How to map a cemetery (video)