The Utah State Cemeteries and Burials database is available to the public. The information found within this searchable database is voluntarily given by the individual cemeteries. We work with all cemeteries throughout the state to centralize burial information and make it available to the public.

We also maintain a list of cemeteries and basic contact information. If you manage a cemetery please take a moment to fill out our online contact form so our information is up to date.

Utah state law mandates the Utah Division of State History to collect burial information and place it in a public, searchable database. Cemeteries can submit their records in excel format to Amy Barry.

**Please note: If you find an error in the database, please contact the cemetery to make the correction in the official record. We do not maintain their files and each cemetery sexton has different policies related to updates.


We fund small grants for cemetery preservation, cemetery records digitization and GIS mapping.
Grants are limited to $10,000 and require a 50/50 match, which may include a mix of monetary match, volunteer hours, and/or donated goods and services.
Grant recipients will be reimbursed upon receipt of evidence they have met agreed-upon program goals.


Apply today and get your preservation project started!

For information about the Cemeteries and Burials Database, contact: Amy Barry 801-245-7247 For grant information, contact: Alena Franco 801-245-7233