Become a Site Steward

The Utah Cultural Site Stewardship Program (UCSSP) is a network of professional archaeologists, federal and state agency staff, and most importantly, volunteers who work together to monitor sensitive or threatened archaeological sites. Housed at the Utah SHPO, the program operates across federal and state boundaries to create a consistent procedure and framework for stewardship. 

What is a Site Steward?

Site Stewards are volunteers of the Utah SHPO who have agreed to monitor one or more archaeological/cultural sites. As such, they are the “eyes and ears” of the state and federal archaeologists who rely on them for accurate and up-to-date information. Stewards are also the people that the public will interact with the most, they are  knowledgeable and helpful resources for people who want to know more about archaeology.

Becoming a Site Steward

Site stewards may apply below to monitor one or more sites. The Site Stewardship Coordinator works directly with each steward during the on-boarding process to find cultural site's that align with the steward’s personal goals, abilities, and desires. Site Stewards must attend at least one training conducted by the Site Stewardship Coordinator and often an Agency Archaeologists. Both the Site Stewardship Coordinator and the Agency Archaeologists will provide stewards comprehensive education on not only specific sites, but the prehistory and history of the area at-large.


Becoming a Site Steward provides you with:

  • A community of like minded people who are dedicated to protecting and preserving Utah's cultural and archaeological sites for this and future generations.
  • Being in the know and receiving opportunities to participate in events, activities and educational training outside of stewarding.
  • Direct access and interaction with experts, including archaeologists, land managers and other stewards.
  • Comprehensive education of both your site and the prehistory and history of the area at-large.
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